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I know your frustration because I've been in your shoes.

Ask yourself the following questions

Video Marketing

Do I have a plan for generating video content?

Every metric you hear, or research tells you that your practice needs to be engaged in producing high levels of video content. Are you delivering what your prospective patients want to see? If you do have video content, do you know how to distribute that content effectively?

Social Media Marketing

Does my social presence actually do anything for me?

The popular social media platforms are huge these days. However, if you don’t know how to drive a social media strategy you probably feel like your efforts aren’t really doing anything. Has anyone actually talked to you about a real strategy for using these platforms?

Email Marketing

Are we simply using email for promoting specials?

Email is the most valuable way to communicate with your customers.  Facebook and Google can change their algorithm all day long and it doesn’t matter if you have their email address.  It is your direct line into their world and if not managed appropriately you could be damaging that connection.

Internal Marketing

Are we maximizing our existing customers?

Whether it is your own database or a secondary database, your most valuable customers are the ones you already have in your business.  Successful businesses consistently “mine” their own databases for opportunities to convert customers from one service line to another.

Business Consulting

Does my agency actually understand my business?

Consulting for medical aesthetic practices has become very popular as the rise of elective procedures becomes one of the fastest-growing sections in the healthcare industry.  This trend totally makes sense!  However, what doesn’t make sense is trusting your multi-million-dollar practice in the hands of someone that has minimal experience in this setting.

Website Development

Does my website actually represent my brand?

Websites are the heart of your online digital footprint.  Without an effective website that is strategically developed so it can effectively leverage other digital forms of marketing, then you are playing behind your competition.  Don’t settle for a website that cannot meet your needs.


Website Development

The anchor of your digital footprint

Video Marketing

Nothing conveys like video

Social Media Marketing

You must have a strategy for these platforms

Email Marketing

Do not damage this valuable connection

Internal Marketing

You have a goldmine at your fingertips

Business Consulting

When you need an outside voice
Why Us

How we do it

Digital Advantage

Innovative strategies

Stepping up your digital marketing game doesn’t have to be hard when you have the right agency helping you.  Integrating the latest social media strategies? Video marketing?  Patient retention?  Yep!  We can help with that!

Industry Expertise

Strategic insights

We understand our industry because we have had our hands buried in it for over a decade.  You won’t have to worry about teaching us about the latest products or services!  We know your language and more importantly the industry’s language.

From Art to Science

Personalized tactics

Because we understand aesthetics we know what methods are available to recruit and keep patients.  Our strategies seek to scale specific parts of your digital marketing efforts, that make sense for your practice.  


Case studies

About Us

Who we are

We are the brainchild of Jonathan Montoya. An industry expert with over 12 years of medical aesthetic experience.

Jonathan Montoya, MBA

We are the agency that actually understands your business.

No more explaining to an agency “How CoolSculpting works” or “The difference between Botox and Dysport.”  We understand medical aesthetics on an intimate level and can execute the solutions that make a difference/

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